Byzantine historian who wrote a history that covers the years 1341-1462, describing events from the accession of John Vto the siege of Mytilene by the Ottomans (qq.v.). The work begins with a brief survey of world history until 1341; after 1389 it becomes even more detailed. Doukas was a Greek from Asia Minor (q.v.) who spoke Italian and Turkish, and spent much of his life in the service of the Genoese, both as an envoy and as a secretary. In his capacity as envoy, he made several visits to the sultan Mehmed II's (qq.v.) court at Adrianople (q.v.). He also served the Gattilusio (q.v.) family, the Genoese family who controlled Lesbos (q.v.). He was a supporter of the union of the churches (q.v.). His history is especially invaluable for aspects of Mehmed II's reign about which he had personal knowledge, or was told about by his Genoese friends. Though not an eyewitness to the conquest of Constantinople (q.v.) by the Ottomans, his account of this event is considered reliable.

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